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NSW Mental Health Branch: Language in policy and standard communications re forensic policy directives and communications

In relation to the proposed use of the term ‘unlawful act’ instead of ‘index event’ MHCC recommends other alternatives that from a forensic human rights perspective do no imply criminal responsibility; whilst still acknowledging the gravity and impact of the offence from a victim’s perspective.

Submission Australian Government, Department of Health – Fifth National Mental Health Plan: Consultation Draft

MHCC appreciate that the Plan is a high level document describing the Government’s overarching future intentions for mental health services across contexts. However, the Plan provides little evidence of directions other than in very broad terms.

Recovery and Resources Program

A submission at the request of MHCC member organisations to share with the Mental Health Director – NSW Ministry of Health, and with the aim to problem solve, concerns related to the Recovery and Resources Program (RRSP). MHCC is advised that RRSP funding is to be subsumed into the new Enhanced Adult Community Living Supports (CLS) […]

Community Managed Mental Health Sector Considerations for the Partnerships for Health Reform Process: Briefing and Recommendations Paper

A strong, diverse, specialised and collaborative community managed mental health sector is essential to the success of the NSW Mental Health Strategic Plan 2014-2024.