Workplace wellbeing for mental health experts

A series of resources brought to you by WayAhead Workplaces and Mental Health Coordinating Council.

Welcome to the Filling your Cup series of articles produced by WayAhead Workplaces for members, friends and supporters of Mental Health Coordinating Council.

This series is designed to improve the health of people working in the community managed mental health sector.

Tune in each week to learn more and then refer to this valuable resource as you need. We will be releasing a new article each Thursday for four weeks starting 18 November 2021.


Article 1
Why is workplace mental health important?

In the first article of the Filling your Cup series Stephanie explains why mental health in the workplace is important, she explores the business case and identifies potential barriers. Learn more




Article 2
Why leaders are so important in supporting good mental health in the workplace and the core competencies needed?

What it truly comes down to is involved, supportive leadership. Meaningful, top led, inspiring initiatives, a program that takes an integrated approach and a leader who understands the importance of solid, consistent people management. Learn more






This article is one of a series of four in the WayAhead Workplaces and Mental Health Coordinating Council ‘Filling your Cup’ resource. Tune in on 2 December to read about how the structure of the organisation we work for, the work we do and how we do it influence our mental health.

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This series is brought to you by WayAhead Workplaces and Mental Health Coordinating Council and researched and written by
Stephanie Thomson, WayAhead Workplaces Lead.