Trauma-Informed Leadership for Organisational Change: A Framework

Developing leadership in the mental health and human services workforce is a key priority of MHCC’s organisational change strategy. The FREE audit and implementation toolkit, TICPOT, launched in 2015 with a second edition in January 2019. It was designed to support trauma-informed reflection in every aspect of management and practice.

TICPOT helps organisations to identify opportunities for improvement and innovation, and on a broader level aims to develop leadership that can champion change.

Mental health and human services need leaders to model an approach that supports workers across many contexts, bringing people together with shared values and vision.

To that end we are pleased to present another free resource TICPOT, Stage 4. This is an easy-to-use framework to drive organisational change and a valuable guide for leaders. TICPOT ensures quality improvement with the ultimate goal of enhancing consumer and carer/supporter safety and experience.

Our vision is that mental health and human services leaders will be supported by a skilled and competent workforce, demonstrating best practice in all service settings

The TICPOT framework assumes a thorough knowledge of trauma, an ability to integrate theory into practice and an understanding of the principles that underpin a Trauma-Informed Care and Practice (TICP) approach as fundamental to recovery-orientation in mental health and human services.


How to access TICPOT

You will need to provide minimal details to download the Trauma-informed Leadership Framework. This is an important part of MHCC’s data collection on the diversity of services utilising the Framework. It also enables MHCC to contact you about events and new resources related to the topic.

Download the Trauma-informed Leadership Framework

“Leadership is a practice, not a position”
Heifetz, et al., 2009