NSW Mental Health Rights Manual – 4th Edition

The NSW Mental Health Rights Manual is an online guide to your legal and human rights and the service system. It supports people with experience of mental health conditions, their family, carers and support persons as well as assisting people working to support them in NSW.

Access the NSW Mental Health Rights ManualĀ 

First launched in 1995, the 4th edition incorporates the latest legislative reforms and policy directions and describes the mental health and human services environment in NSW.

Written in Plain English, it speaks to a diverse mental health and disability community and has been developed specifically for people with mental health conditions, their carers and families and the workforce that supports them across community and public agencies and services.

MHCC hopes this unique and comprehensive resource will help people understand their rights and will enable them to advocate for themselves and others.

This 4th Edition of the Manual was compiled by MHCC with the support of the Mental Health Commission of NSW.