Submissions by MHCC on behalf of members and the sector

In consultation with the sector, MHCC responds to policy and legislative reform through submissions to both State and Commonwealth governments, departments and human service agencies.


Productivity Commission Inquiry into Mental Health

After consulting members, our submission focused on community-managed mental health sector delivery of psychosocial support services in NSW. It also commented on broader issues concerning the interface between sectors and the NDIS, NDIS workforce and service gaps. The submission argues the mental health system needs more resources and a shift in emphasis from hospital treatment towards prevention, early intervention and community based support. It makes 11 recommendations, including that funding and policy ensures a skilled and community based mental health workforce.

April 2019


Definitions of Mental Health Impairment and Cognitive Impairment: Consultation Paper

MHCC provided comment to NSW Department of Justice on defining Mental Health Impairment and Cognitive Impairment, agreeing with the position that amendments to the Mental Health (Forensic Provisions) Act 1990 should not specifically refer to personality disorders as either in or out, to avoid excluding people from genuinely needed opportunities to be diverted or to receive a NGMI finding.

March 2019


Special Commission Inquiry into the Drug ‘Ice’ – Terms of Reference

The Special Commission of Inquiry will inquire into, and report on the nature, prevalence and impact of ice in NSW; the adequacy of existing measures to tackle ice in NSW; and options to strengthen NSW’s response to ice, including law enforcement, education and treatment/rehabilitation responses. MHCC provided feedback on the draft Terms of Reference consultation process.

December 2018


Maximising the participation in guardianship proceedings: Draft guidelines

In general MHCC supported draft Guidelines that aim to maximise participation of the represented person in Australian Tribunals. Whilst the Guidelines are written for Tribunal Members, they also need to be clear to participants and their support persons. Tribunal Members need to know who can provide support to the participant prior to a hearing and whose role it is to ensure this is offered.

December 2018


Department of Justice: Review of the Disability Inclusion Action Plan

MHCC responded to review of section 12 of the Disability Inclusion Act which requires public authorities to develop a Disability Inclusion Action Plan, to ensure people with disability have access to Department of Justice services and full participation in the community. MHCC supports the rights of people with disability to participate in society, access information, live free from violence and to have diverse needs respected.

September 2018