Meet your Neighbour

Facilitating networking is a significant part of MHCC’s role as a peak body engaged with capacity building.

Our Meet Your Neighbour networking events bring workers and organisations together in there area to share information, learn what programs are offered and to collaborate.

Any organisation, big or small, is encouraged to co-host a Meet Your Neighbour event with MHCC in their region.

Our sector is dynamic and constantly changing. For any worker in any service provider, keeping up to date with neighbouring services is vital for referrals and to connect people living with mental health conditions to the supports they need to live well.

What does a typical Meet Your Neighbour event look like?

Local hosts share information about the work they do in the area. This is followed by speed networking among 30-50 people facilitated by MHCC. The event usually runs a little over two hours. Light refreshments follow.

What does a co-host do?

Our co-hosts supply an appropriate venue in their area and provide light refreshments. MHCC prepares and circulates promotional material and manages registrations. MHCC will work with co-hosts to meet specific needs.

Visit our Events page to find upcoming Meet Your Neighbour events.

Contact Carrie our Communications Team Leader for information about co-hosting a Meet Your Neighbour in your area.