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MHCC Members

Community Managed Organisations (CMOs) who have a focus on mental health services. MHCC Member representatives have voting rights and can be nominated for a position on the MHCC Board.

MHCC Associate Members 

Organisations with an interest in mental health, psychosocial disability, workforce development, NDIS, reform and the community managed mental health sector.

Note: Organisations that are eligible for full membership are excluded from joining as an Associate Member.

Friends of MHCC

Individuals with an interest in psychosocial disability development & reform, and the community managed mental health sector.

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Membership Fees*

Organisational Membership

Organisation income (inc GST)Annual Fee*
Under $1,000$64
$1,001 - $100,000$127
$100,001 - $250,000$191
$250,001 - $500,000$317
$500,001 - 1M$476
$1M - $2M$581
$2M - $5M$740
$5M - $10M$1,267
$10M - $20M$2,007
$20M - $40M$3,695
Over $40M$6,333

Individual Membership

TypeAnnual Fee*
Friends of MHCC$64
Friends of MHCC - Concession$33

*Membership fees have been updated as of membership period commencing July 1st 2021

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When joining MHCC, members agree to abide by the following Code of Conduct as part of the ongoing development of a united, professional, and quality-focused sector. Read the Code of Conduct