LGBTIQ+ People, Mental Health and the NDIS



Accessing the NDIS can be a journey. This free webinar is for LGBTIQ+ people who would like to seek mental health support through the NDIS, and for services that support LGBTIQ+ people. Everyone has the right to access services, free from discrimination and marginalization. LGBTIQ+ people have the right to respectful and non-judgmental mental health support. Join MHCC, Charlie Willbridge from National LGBTI Health Alliance and Amelia Arnold from Thorne Harbour Health for this free discussion of mental health in LGBTIQ+ communities. This will cover –
• how services can create safe spaces where LGBTIQ+ people feel valued
• tips on recognising LGBTIQ+ friendly organisations
• the unique needs of LGBTIQ+ people around accessing the NDIS
• resources developed by and for LGBTIQ+ people with a lived experience of a mental health condition.