Self Care

This course provides practical tools and tips to help manage personal and client wellbeing.  Gain a renewed sense of energy and expertise in wellbeing and self care.

Course details
  • This course focuses on you! As the saying goes, ‘You can’t pour from an empty cup’ and so during this course, you will learn new skills and tools to help you fill your own cup
  • This is a day designed to specifically address a care worker’s wellbeing, from the simple & straightforward to the surprising & special
  • Explore what can impact your mental health & wellbeing
  • Build skills & strategies for dealing with stressful situations
  • Develop emotional awareness and healthy self care practices to support your nervous system, rejuvenate your energy levels & find your flow
Who is this for?
  • All health workers


All of MHCCs professional development training is available for delivery on site at your premises. Alternatively, MHCC can tailor a course to suit your specific requirements, contact us to find out more

Course fee

MHCC Members Non-members
$232 $297

Completion options

Face-to-face Workshops
This course requires attendance at 1 full-day face-to-face training session.

Statement of Participation
A statement of participation will be granted upon satisfactory attendance of the required training sessions.

Course content

  • Understand what can impact on wellbeing, mental health
  • Techniques to support the nervous system
  • Develop a realistic self care plan
  • The power of habits & routine
  • Mindfulness & it’s numerous benefits
  • Finding your flow!