Self care for leaders – Online

This 1-hour session will guide you through simple, yet effective ways that you can start giving back to yourself.  In this session you will learn how to care for your mind, body & spirit.

Course details

In this session you will be taken through practical tools to help support your wellbeing; such as simple breathing practices.  Based on research-based tools such as mindfulness meditation, positive psychology and the practice of gratitude, this 1 hour session will provide you with a solid foundation so that you can proactively manage your own mental health and wellbeing.

Who is this for?

Team leaders


Participants said:

“Great course, one of the best facilitators.  Learnt a lot and relaxed at the same time.”

Course fee

MHCC Members Non-members
$60 $75

Learning outcomes

Key takeaways:-

Stress- understanding the impact of stress on your body.
Eating, sleeping (Habits) –  taking time to reflect your daily habits & suggestions.
Living arrangements – creating a sense of space for ourselves.
Feelings – tuning into the way we really feel & learning new ways to manage these.

Connection – how connecting to your breath can support your nervous systems;
Awareness – Learning to train your awareness.
Resilience –  simple methods to build your resilience.
Empathy – learning how to love yourself; just the way you are!