Safe Storytelling

Our Safe Storytelling workshop provides skills to workers who use their lived experience in their service provision. The workshop informs learners about purposeful, meaningful and sustainable storytelling, which they can use in interactions that require them to share their lived experience e.g. with clients. The participants will be given the chance to craft their own purposeful story, and be equipped with the knowledge to understand safe disclosure.  This workshop can support learning for those who directly use storytelling in their role and heightening managers/supervisors understanding of the background and basic tenets of safe storytelling.

Participants said:

“This gave me the insight and ability to share personal stories safely, structuring story around a theme”


Who is this for?
  • Peer support workers
  • Workers who use their lived experience as part of their service provision
  • Managers/supervisors of workers with lived experience

All of MHCCs professional development training is available for delivery on site at your premises. Alternatively, MHCC can tailor a course to suit your specific requirements, contact us to find out more

Course fee

MHCC Members Non-members
$120 $150

Completion options

Face-to-face Workshop
This qualification requires attendance at 1/2-day face-to-face training session.*

Statement of Participation
A statement of participation will be granted upon satisfactory attendance of the required training sessions.

*Subject to change. Training requirements will be confirmed upon enrolment.

Course content

  • What is Storytelling?
  • Different methods we can use to tell stories/model our experiences
  • What is Purposeful Storytelling & safe disclosure?
  • What do we need to consider when telling our story?
  • Crafting our own purposeful story