Mental Health in the Workplace

This is for workplace leaders who want to support mental health in their workforce. Explore management practices that promote good mental health and learn to distinguish between mental health and performance issues. Gain valuable insight into the impact that mental health conditions might have on capacity to work.

Come to understand the ethical rights of workers who experience mental health conditions, rights such as freedom from stigma, stereotypes and assumptions, the recognition of changing needs and rights to self determination.

Become familiar with the legal requirements relating to mental health in the workplace including WHS and Common Law, anti discrimination laws, the Privacy Act, reasonable adjustment under the Disability Discrimination Act, performance issues and dismissal under the Fair Work Act.

This training takes place in an exciting and stimulating environment that involves facilitated group discussion, trainer insights, activities and shared knowledge.

Who is this for?
  • Managers/Team Leaders
  • HR
  • Workforce Development Roles

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Course fee

MHCC Members Non-members
$232 $297

Completion Options

Face-to-face Workshops
This workshop requires attendance at 1 full-day face-to-face training session.

Statement of Participation
A statement of participation will be granted upon satisfactory attendance of the required training sessions.

Course content

  • The benefits of looking after workers mental health
  • Legal requirements relating to mental health in the workplace
  • The ethical rights of a person who is experiencing mental health concerns
  • Proactive prevention of harm to mental health such as wellness plans
  • Distinguishing between mental health concerns and performance issues, and how to respond to a performance issue that is related to mental health
  • Adjusting the workplace for mental health needs
  • Self-care for managers