Professional Development

Self Care

This course provides practical tools and tips to help manage personal and client wellbeing.  Gain a renewed sense of energy and expertise in wellbeing and self care. Course details This course focuses on you! As the saying goes, ‘You can’t pour from an empty cup’ and so during this course, you will learn new skills […]

Understanding Mental Health

Essential skills for workers in community settings to support hope, recovery and connection among people living with mental health conditions. Course outline Gain the confidence to respond and support people living with a mental health condition, using recovery -oriented, person-centred principles. Understanding Mental Health is an introductory course aimed at people in a wide range […]

Understanding Medication

Helping people you support to understand and manage their medication. For many people medication is a part of their recovery journey. For people living with a mental health condition, having an understanding of the impact of medication can increase their sense of control over their health and recovery. Feel more confident to support people when […]

Mental Health in the Workplace

This is for workplace leaders who want to support mental health in their workforce. Explore management practices that promote good mental health and learn to distinguish between mental health and performance issues. Gain valuable insight into the impact that mental health conditions might have on capacity to work. Come to understand the ethical rights of […]

Safe Storytelling

Our Safe Storytelling workshop provides skills to workers who use their lived experience in their service provision. The workshop informs learners about purposeful, meaningful and sustainable storytelling, which they can use in interactions that require them to share their lived experience e.g. with clients. The participants will be given the chance to craft their own […]

Connecting Physical & Mental Health

Learn how mental and physical health interact, and strategies to improve the physical health of the people you work to support. Course description People living with mental health conditions have a reduced life expectancy of approximately 10 years compared to the general population. This is largely due to chronic physical diseases and higher rates of […]

Managing Workers with Lived Experience

This training is for managers, team leaders and HR professionals who support a peer workforce and wish to build their skills to create a supportive and safe workplace. Course details Discover the many benefits peer work bring to an organisation and the people they support, including the value of knowledge gained from lived experience and […]

Culturally Informed, Trauma Integrated Healing Approach to Care and Practice

Designed, developed and delivered by Aboriginal people for workers in the mental health or community service sectors who support Aboriginal people impacted by trauma. *Note: Registration for fully funded courses open 4 weeks prior to course date While the impact of trauma is still under recognised in provision of mental health services, Aboriginal people have […]

Motivational Interviewing

Support people through change via an effective person-centred approach used widely in therapeutic settings. Motivational Interviewing (MI) uses a therapeutic, person-centred approach to evoke a person’s own motivation to make change happen. People who are not provided the opportunity to explore their own concerns and fears are unlikely to sustain the changes they make. MI is […]

Working with voices

“An original, refreshing, consumer led day that was filled with insight, humour and lived experience. Arana is a fantastic presenter with energy and knowledge.” Do you support people who experience voice-hearing? This immersive one day workshop equips participants with a toolkit for supporting voice-hearers. It is suitable for front-line staff working in the mental health, […]