Online Courses

Introduction to Motivational Interviewing Online

This online introductory course teaches the fundamentals of Motivational Interviewing for use in person-centred counselling. Introduction to Motivational Interviewing is a one-day, online training course designed to develop the skills and technique of Motivational Interviewing communication. Motivational Interviewing is a guiding style of communication that uses the principles and practices of person-centred counselling to evoke […]

Motivational Interviewing

Support people through change via an effective person-centred approach used widely in therapeutic settings. Motivational Interviewing (MI) uses a therapeutic, person-centred approach to evoke a person’s own motivation to make change happen. People who are not provided the opportunity to explore their own concerns and fears are unlikely to sustain the changes they make. MI is […]

Safe Storytelling

Safe Storytelling online course provides skills to workers who use their lived experience in their service provision. The workshop informs learners about purposeful, meaningful and sustainable storytelling, which they can use in interactions that require them to share their lived experience e.g. with clients. The participants will be given the chance to craft their own […]

Capacit-e Mental Health Recovery Suite

Do you believe that recovery from mental illness is possible? What helps someone maintain hope, identity and connectedness? How can you support someone to make choices or take risks? Does the language you use limit and exclude or challenge, empower and inspire? The Capacit-e Mental Health Recovery Suite is a fantastic resource for organisations, mental […]

Language of Mental Health Recovery

This course explores how language is used within mental health settings and the broader community. How can your language limit or exclude others? How can it challenge, empower and inspire? Participants will explore the use of language through a range of learning activities and videos, including consumer, carer and worker perspectives on language and mental […]

Supporting Mental Health Recovery

“This challenged my preconceptions and showed me which approaches can either limit or aid recovery. The interviews are compelling. Despite differences in experience, everyone benefits from humane and focused help that rightly keeps a person in control of their own life and recovery. Invaluable” This course is designed for people who already have a basic […]

Understanding Mental Health Recovery

“This course changed my whole perspective on mental health and I particularly liked the sense of hope and possibility conveyed in the personal stories of recovery” This course takes learners on a journey through the key concepts of mental health recovery. Participants will explore the myths and realities of recovery through a range of learning […]