2021-2022 NSW Budget Summary

Break down of mental health and related announcements in the NSW Budget

The New South Wales Budget 2021-2022 has provided $10.9 billion over the next four years for mental health services. This summary lists the key mental health and associated initiatives and ongoing projects.

Safeguards Child and Adolescent Mental Health Response Teams

  • $109 million over four years
  • To set up 25 Safeguard teams across the state to provide specialist mental health support to young people experiencing moderate to severe mental health issues and their families and carers.

Mental health Response and Recovery Specialists

  • $36.4 million over four years
  • For 57 mental health Response and Recovery Specialists across rural and regional NSW to provide outreach support for communities, and coordination with local services at the time of disasters or crisis and during recovery.

Police Ambulance and Clinical Early Response model

  • $25.8 million over four years
  • To continue the PACER model which embeds mental health clinicians with first responders to provide specialist advice and appropriate care for people experiencing mental health distress.

ACON LGBTQ+ health centre

  • $3 million
  • To go towards the establishment a health centre to improve access to primary and community-based healthcare.


  • $12.2 million over two years
  • For six Regional Family Care Centres to provide services to families experiencing difficulties in the first years of a child’s life, five ‘Tresillian 2U’ vans and to support staffing for the Macksville residential unit.

Additional domestic violence support

  • An additional $94 million
  • To prevent survivors of domestic violence and their children being forced from their homes.

Expanded Together Home Program

  • $57 million over two years
  • To build on the program which assists rough sleepers or vulnerable people into accommodation, through a further 250 wraparound service packages and 100 new homes.

State-wide Mental health infrastructure

  • More than $65 million
  • Allocated for state-wide mental health infrastructure.


The NSW Budget delivered welcome new funding for mental health, but still more investment is needed for people to access psychosocial mental health supports across the state.

Mental Health Coordinating Council was hoping to see additional funding allocated in the NSW Budget for a national mental health agreement, in particular funding to support an expansion in psychosocial supports delivered by the not-for-profit community sector.

We also look forward to the implementation of the Pathways to Community Living Initiative, working to transition people who have had a long stay out of hospital. MHCC will seek clarity about the recurrent funding commitment for this program to ensure the implementation of Stage 2 remains on track.

View the full details from the NSW Budget here