New COVID-friendly format for Meet Your Neighbour networking event

A global pandemic has affected many people’s ability to stay connected with each other. At a time when we needed each other the most, we have been cautioned to stay away to slow the spread.

At the height of the pandemic in 2020, Mental Health Coordinating Council was unable to facilitate face-to-face networking events for community mental health workers, individuals and organisations. In 2021, with the slowing spread of COVID-19, we are excited to bring back Meet Your Neighbour (MYN) to the community. And along with it, we’ve introduced a new segment called ‘You Can Ask That’.

In line with COVID safety regulations, ‘You Can Ask That’ (an adaptation of the TV series ‘You Can’t Ask That’) will continue the opportunity for participants to connect whilst remaining socially distanced.

The premise of ‘You Can Ask That’ is to invite open discussion on questions submitted before the event. The questions kickstart conversations for mental health workers and individuals to share, connect and explore within a safe, peer-led environment.

We recently launched this segment at our most recent MYN event in Penrith, co-hosted by LikeMind & Parramatta Mission, Nepean Blue Mountains Primary Health Network, Penrith City Council and Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District.

Nearing registration capacity, it was delightful to see community mental health workers and individuals come together to connect and share their experiences and ways of supporting people living with mental health conditions in the Penrith area.

Left to right: Lauren (Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District), Nikolina (Nepean Blue Mountains Primary Health Network), Carmel (Mental Health Coordinating Council), Billy (Likemind), Billy (LikeMind), Marcela (Penrith City Council).

Billy Beggs from co-host LikeMind attended the MYN Penrith event and reiterated the value in these networking opportunities, “There should be more networking events like these”. At his first MYN event five years ago, he made connections with people from other community mental health organisations, connections that he still keeps today, which has helped him in his work.

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