Your Experience of Service – Community Managed Organisations (YES-CMO)

What is YES-CMO?

The Your Experience of Service- Community Managed Organisations (YES-CMO) questionnaire is currently being piloted in the NSW community managed mental health sector.

The YES-CMO questionnaire is designed to gather information from people with a lived experience of mental health conditions about the support they receive from CMOs.  By better understanding the experience of service users, CMOs can work to improve the services they provide and make changes so consumers are best supported throughout their time with the service.

The YES-CMO questionnaire has been co-designed with mental health consumers across Australia.  The project to develop the YES-CMO questionnaire was funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health and was led by the Australian Mental Health Outcomes and Classification Network (AMHOCN).

Are all CMOs offering the questionnaire?

The YES-CMO questionnaire currently being piloted in selected CMOs to evaluate its suitability for further rollout in the sector.  After the completion of the pilot, the suitability of the questionnaire will be evaluated to decide if it will be made available in more CMOs.

Those CMOs currently participating in the pilot of the measure include;

  • Aftercare
  • Independent Community Living Australia (ICLA)
  • Neami
  • New Horizons
  • Open Minds
  • One Door
  • Wellways
Helpful Information

For more details about YES-CMO, please contact InforMH on 88775120 or