Disability Royal Commission Update

Since the Royal Commission’s initial workshop with advocacy groups, further workshops have been held with legal practitioners and disability service providers – the latter including National Disability Services. Feedback was sought by the Commissioners on areas of focus for the enquiry. Discussion focused on homes and living, education and learning, economic participation, justice, health and sexuality.

At the most recent workshop it was announced that a Royal Commission helpline will be launched by the end of July. A preliminary submission process will also get underway, to be followed soon after by the issuing of a notice to organisations to produce documents. The Royal Commission is currently developing an access strategy to ensure that people with disability know about, and can participate in, the Royal Commission.

The Chair’s introductory remarks for the first workshop are now available. His comments reference the broad nature of terms of reference and the Commission’s intention to place people with disability at the forefront of activities, while relying on assistance from a broad range of stakeholders.