Trauma-Informed Care and Practice Organisational Toolkit (TICPOT) – NEW EDITION

TICPOT – your free guide to developing trauma-informed organisations

MHCC is excited to release the TICPOT toolkit FREE to download until the end of July 2019, as a guide to developing trauma-informed organisations.

Trauma is highly prevalent in mental health and human service settings and to be truly trauma-informed, organisations must be sensitive to the impacts of trauma and the potential for re-traumatisation.

TICPOT guides organisations through the process of embedding trauma-informed care and practice (TICP) into all aspects of service delivery, to ensure the highest quality support for people who have experienced trauma.

TICPOT provides templates, checklists and information in two parts which are free to download. The two-part toolkit is a roadmap to auditing, planning, implementation and evaluation as part of a quality improvement cycle. It includes tools to build on existing trauma-informed practices and incorporates updates based on feedback from the initial 2015 TICPOT launch.

MHCC hopes this free resource forms the basis for a new approach across all human service organisations, guiding a continuous process of reflection, assessment and change.

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