New MHCC NDIS Projects

The NDIA has funded MHCC to undertake three NDIS projects over the next two years. The projects allow MHCC to continue important conversations about NDIS implementation from a mental health perspective. Importantly, the projects allow our sector to continue to contribute to increasing the opportunities and reducing the challenges of NDIS implementation within the mental health reform environment. Some brief information about the projects is below. Future communications will provide you with more detail including information about opportunities to engage with the projects.

NSW ILC – Community Engagement Education Package

MHCC will work with people with lived experience to co-design a community engagement package to support people living with a mental health condition and/or at risk of developing psychosocial disability. The education/resource package will assist community workers, volunteers and peers to better support people living with a mental health condition or psychosocial disability who are ineligible, or do not want to have, an NDIS plan.

Two education/resource programs will be trialed, in one metropolitan and one rural area, and the feedback refined into a good practice model for further scale up both in NSW and nationally. The program will equip community workers to use recovery approaches when assessing the needs of people living with mental health conditions, enabling more connections that are effective and increased participation in the same community activities as everyone else.

National ILC project – stage 2

Stage 2 of will employ Peer Leaders across States and Territories to coordinate peer networks to co-design resources and information directed at supporting people with psychosocial disability. The peer networks will focus on supporting people with a disability from marginalised groups including: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities; people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, people in rural and remote areas and people from the LGBTIQA+ community. Through their participation, MHCC and the NDIA expect that peers and peer network participants will build decision-making, self-advocacy and plan management skills.

The co-designed resources will be added to the website, better supporting people with psychosocial disability to build their capacity to self-advocate and self-manage whilst also providing the information needed to make decisions and choices about NDIS, mainstream and community services.

The NDIA originally funded Stage 1 of as a strategic project and launched, an online resource to support people to understand psychosocial disability and how the NDIS can support recovery. training – for NDIA & LAC staff nationally

MHCC is currently developing a training package to be delivered to current and future NDIA and Local Area Coordinator (LAC) Partners in the Community staff. People with lived experience will deliver the training at up to 20 locations across Australia by the end of June 2019. MHCC will also develop an online learning component about using the website . The anticipated outcome of training is to increase awareness of the website and to demonstrate to NDIA staff and their LAC partners how to effectively use it to help people living with a mental health condition.