National Psychosocial Support Measure

MHCC understands that Primary Health Networks (PHNs) are beginning a process of planning for implementation of the new National Psychosocial Support Measure with services to commence in 2019. The Commonwealth Government has committed $80 million over four years to fund the Support Measure, reaching an agreement with the NSW Government which will spend $25.3 million over that time.

The Support Measure aims to support people with a severe mental illness and psychosocial functional impairment who are not more appropriately supported through the NDIS. It also aims to reduce the avoidable need for more intense and acute health services and enhance appropriate/optimal use of the health system.

The Commonwealth will provide this funding to PHNs to commission non-clinical mental health services, improving coordination and ‘wrap around’ care for individuals with psychosocial disability. Under the agreement, NSW will match the funding from the Commonwealth through the Community Living Supports Program. NSW Health is working with the PHNs to ensure that the funding is used to complement and not duplicate NSW Health funded services. The Agreement will expire on 30 June 2021. COAG Health Council will consider arrangements beyond this point. The agreement demonstrates a commitment from both Governments to support people with mental illness in NSW

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