Submissions by MHCC on behalf of members and the sector

In consultation with the sector, MHCC responds to policy and legislative reform through submissions to both State and Commonwealth governments, departments and human service agencies.


Recovery and Resources Program

A submission at the request of MHCC member organisations to share with the Mental Health Director – NSW Ministry of Health, and with the aim to problem solve, concerns related to the Recovery and Resources Program (RRSP). MHCC is advised that RRSP funding is to be subsumed into the new Enhanced Adult Community Living Supports (CLS) initiative.

April 2016


Review Guardianship Act 1987 (NSW): Preliminary submission

MHCC suggest that review of the GA consider the development of laws with a stronger human rights focus. Particularly in the US and Canada new adult guardianship laws have emerged to protect the rights of people with decision-making disabilities, including those with psychiatric impairment.

March 2016


Social Services Legislation Amendment Bill 2015: Proposal to deny payment of social security benefits to forensic patients who are detained

MHCC propose that this removal of financial support is punitive and will create further disadvantage affecting the potential for a person’s recovery and rehabilitation after they leave forensic facilities. This policy change will disproportionately affect Aboriginal people with coexisting mental illness and cognitive impairment as they are significantly over represented in forensic environments.

June 2015


Mental Health Amendment (Statutory Review) Bill 2014

The proposed amendments to the NSW Mental Health Act are uncontroversial, however, MHCC are disappointed that there is an absence of the positive rights that might be activated. This falls far short of the Election Commitment the NSW Government made in the wake of the Waterlow Case and recommendations from various quarters including the Deputy State Coroner.

November 2014