The National Disability Insurance Scheme is the most radical reshaping of the disability sector in recent history and is currently being rolled out across the nation.

The NDIS has significant implications for people living with mental health conditions and the community managed sector that supports them. MHCC has been intricately involved in the trial, implementation and full expression of the NDIS as a leader and representative of the community managed mental health sector.


Between June 2013 and 2016, MHCC collaborated with the Mental Health Commission of NSW to undertake an NDIS trial, the NDIS Mental Health Analysis Partnership Project. The project focused on three communities in the Hunter New England Local Health District chosen to trial the NDIS: Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Maitland. The research and publications that resulted from this NDIS trial are freely available.

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MHCC is supporting transition to the NDIS with consultation, research, representation and stakeholder engagement. This work includes guidelines for establishing a Community of Practice to assist communities transitioning to the NDIS, guidelines on distinguishing between “disability support” and “rehabilitation”, involvement in sector reference groups and initiation of a national NDIS conference for the community managed mental health sector.

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Where the NDIS is currently in place, MHCC offers resources and representation to support access, evaluation and evolution of the scheme. This includes our award-winning website resource, reimagine.today to support access to the NDIS.

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