Student Support

MHCC makes every effort to accommodate participant learning needs and offers reasonable adjustment where possible.

Needs could relate to:
  • physical or intellectual ability
  • language, literacy and numeracy
  • mental health conditions
  • cultural or ethnic backgrounds
  • location or
  • socio-economic factors
Types of support MHCC may be able to provide include:
  • Extensions on assessment due dates (conditions apply)
  • Individual negotiation around assessment evidence as long as it doesn’t compromise the integrity of the competency outcomes
  • Information about support services
  • Negotiation with your supervisor or other relevant workplace person where workplace support is the most appropriate assistance
  • Support from assessors to help understand assessments by negotiating with MHCC to spend additional individual or group time with an assessor
  • Large print resources or other material support

Online Student Portal

MHCC recognises the need for participants to be able to access course information and documents from anywhere at any time. To meet this need MHCC has created the Student Portal which can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Through the portal you can:

  • Check your personal timetable
  • Review your contact details
  • Access course resources and assessments
  • Access all letters and other documents that MHCC have issued
  • Communicate with MHCC staff
  • View the progress of your enrolment
  • Apply for assessment time extension
Accessing the Student Portal

All students who are completing a qualification through MHCC are provided access to the student portal. You will have been emailed your login details and access instructions with your Notice of Enrollment, normally within 2 weeks from your first day of attending training.

Access the MHCC Student Portal         Download the Student Portal User Guide