Professional Development


Safe Story Telling

Our Safe Storytelling workshop provides skills to workers who use their lived experience in their service provision. The workshop informs learners about purposeful, meaningful and sustainable storytelling, which they ...

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Working with voices

"An original, refreshing, consumer led day that was filled with insight, humour and lived experience. Arana is a fantastic presenter with energy and knowledge."

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Supporting Choice and Control

When you support a person to make decisions, you are enabling them to live a more independent, dignified and meaningful life.

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Responding to the Risk of Suicide

“I learned how to act and assist a person with suicidal thoughts. To be comfortable asking direct and closed questions, to create a safety plan and to acknowledge the ...

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Navigating the NDIS

"I now have the knowledge and skills to support the client in navigating the NDIS and to support them to achieve their goals."

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Mental Health Connect Aged Care

Build skills to support elderly people in making choices and exercising control in residential and community aged care settings.

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