Strategic Direction

Strategic Planning

Mental Health Coordinating Council’s 2021–2024 Strategic Plan sets out our vision that people living with mental health conditions are supported to live meaningful lives in the communities of their choice. The plan focuses on the following three priority areas of activity:

1. Leadership, Influence, Advocacy

Engage with decision makers and be a strong voice for community managed mental health organisations to support the delivery of effective, co-designed services for people with a lived experience of mental health conditions.

2. Capacity, Quality, Impact

Leverage and support the capacity of the community managed mental health sector through the development of a skilled and sustainable workforce, promotion of best-practice approaches and stronger research and data collection.

3. Culture, Sustainability, Effectiveness

Be a dynamic peak body with robust governance, financial sustainability, an active membership and engaged staff.

The MHCC Board is responsible for monitoring implementation of the strategic plan. A full audit is conducted every 12 months and adjustments made in response to the changing mental health environment.